The Army of the Lord

The army of the Lord is being raised up world wide. Everywhere He takes us, we see Him pouring out a warrior spirit–a submission to God which results in great boldness, courage, and determination to bring Christ and His victory to the world. And what are the weapons of this war? It is the simple things that have the most power against the enemy and destroy the works of Satan in our towns and in the world. Pour out the great LOVE of Jesus upon everyone that you meet. Let it flow in the stores, in your workplace, in your home. Go to the parking lot of a porn shop and saturate all there with the love, holiness, peace and joy of the Lord. Be your brothers keeper. Go the extra mile. Give everyone the antidote, the medicine for their pain and sin.

At our newest outreach area, here in Raleigh, God has already closed down drug houses, brought hope and faith back to beaten down Christians, and has done a lot of healings. But the big breakthrough came after an altercation started by a very angry woman waving a large butcher knife, joined by a man with a hammer. 6 more joined the fight. There was no time to call police before people would be badly hurt. Since we are peacemakers in Christ, we bring in the holy presence of Jesus into the middle of these things and the demons of hate, anger, and violence flee from His presence. This stops the fight. Because we know that “In Him we live and move and have our being”, we are not afraid. Because we know His power and love for these people, we are not afraid. We trust Him! Fear is the opposite of faith and would not have driven away the enemy.

So the place calmed down and the great thing is that the neighbors gathered together and dedicated their neighborhood to the Lord!!! Yay, God!!! Now there is a different atmosphere and there has been no more violence on this street.
Rule and reign in Christ you saints of the Most High!

Alice McGee, Church in the Woods

We are collecting warm clothes, coats, gloves, hats, tents, small propane canisters, tarps, back packs,shoes and underwear. Also funds for kerosene and bus passes and emergency stays at a hotel for those who are sick in bad weather. Shelters won’t take them.

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