Revivals Revive Something

Revivals “revive” something.  They bring back an old truth to the attention of the church. They add to our knowledge and understanding of God.  They prepare us for greater works of service to God. Works by and of the Spirit, first changing us and then the world around us. They bring us into conformance with the divine nature of God.  They bring us into unity in the body of Christ. One with God and man.  They are sent by heaven to bring heaven on earth.  After being poured out from heaven, they flow around the whole earth.

Each revival of the past brought back a truth.  Luther brought back the concept of salvation by faith.  More recently, the Pentecostal revivals at the turn of the 20th century brought back, revealed and imparted to the people a relationship with the Holy Spirit.  The Charismatic revivals expanded this understanding and experience of knowing the Holy Spirit personally,  and took it into the denominations.  The Gifts of the Spirit were in operation again.  The emotions of the Holy Spirit, the love, joy, peace, compassions and excitement of the Lord filled us.

In the 90’s, a great revelation of another member of the trinity, the Heavenly Father, was given to us.  In Toronto they called it “The Fathers Blessing”, as people began to interact in a strong personal way with their heavenly daddy.  Lives were changed and healed as people from all over the world received an impartation of intimacy with God.  We received a wonderful spiritual inheritance–the ability to be the person who had a perfect father. Many insecurities and fears left.  We bowed in humble submission to our father and we received power and authority and territory as the patriarchal blessing was bestowed upon us.  We went around the world doing his bidding and being amazed at His mighty acts.

Now we are seeing another wave of revival.  It is coming into view.  It is the revelation of the Son.

We think that we know Him.  We do know Him as savior, healer, lover of our souls, gentle, compassionate and kind.  And we experience those wonderful attributes also in ourselves as we live in Him.  They are all life changing and equipping.  The hunger of heaven now, is that we would know Christ in ALL of His fullness.  And in that knowledge, allow the Spirit to conform us to the full stature of Christ in every way.

We know his love because we have experienced it.  It’s power has changed us.  Now through that love, can we live in the servant heart of God,  being so transformed by it,  that we literally give up our lives and desires in order to serve others?  Do we love Jesus so powerfully that we can sell everything that we have for Him? Do we know Him in the fullness of His servant heart–the one who gave everything for us–even His life.

Do we know Him as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah?  “He will roar from His holy mountain and heaven and earth will shake”  Let us live in Him and roar in the spirit with Him.  Let us operate in His power and might.

Jesus said “I came to destroy the works of the evil one”.   As we see him more clearly we will be honed to be arrows in his hand.  He will put us in His bow and shoot us at the enemy.  And in Christ, we will participate in destroying the works of the evil one.  As it says in Jude, we will save those whose feet are burning in the fires of hell.

The end-times Jesus that will be revealed to us, will look like the image of the book of revelation Jesus–on a white horse, coming in power to judge.  Remember that His first coming was to save.  The second will be to judge.  There is wrath towards the wicked prophesied.  As we are watching and waiting for Jesus just as the bridesmaids in the parable, are we waiting for the first Jesus or do we have an understanding of the Jesus that will show up.  We are waiting for the Revelation Jesus.  God will reveal to us the Jesus on the white horse so that we are waiting ready to participate in His triumph! 

This morning, a prayer partner friend, and I were talking about these things.  Suddenly she saw a large puzzle with a lot of pieces.  The picture on the puzzle was the face of Jesus.  She said that God would give us a lot of pieces until we see him clearly.

We are the army.  The Lord will prepare us for the end times.  And we shall be like him when He comes.

Alice McGee

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