New Year Greeting

Greetings in Jesus!   

Thank you so much for your valuable help during this very eventful past year!  God has been busy!!!  This past year. 2020, was the year requiring the most  use of the gift of discernment yet, at least in my 78 years.    The enemy’s plan to take over world control was to distract us by inciting fights between the political parties, dividing us on many issues, inciting fear and anger to take over reason and cause violence. However we know that our enemies are not flesh and blood but the dragon and his cronies.  
We will not be distracted!  The fact that the cause of all of the problems and threats to our country are just the devil is a great comfort and cause for celebration for us.  We know what to do about this!  He is a defeated foe!  Stripped and demoted at the cross. lost all  authority to Jesus.  We are not ignorant of his devices. Our weapons are not earthly and not ever used to play defense. Rather, we take the power of the Victory of Jesus on the Cross and run into the fray and the demons flee from us in 7 ways!  The spiritual weapons we have and are in Christ, are strong and powerful to the tearing down of everything that exalts itself against God and His kids and kingdom.  

In God’s timing and brilliant plan, It was necessary for Him to allow and even draw out the hidden evils that were running rampant under the surface and causing great harm to so many and our whole country. They are being brought out into the open for all to see for 2 very specific reasons.  One, so that the saints will follow the strategies of God in His Word and tear down the mechanisms put together by the evil one, and demolish his plan to enslave and destroy the entire world. 

What are  God’s directions?  In 2 Chron. Chapter 20 and also in other battles, the chosen people humbled themselves before God.  They tore their clothes and put on sackcloth and ashes.  They repented of their sins.  They called upon Him.  They praised and worshiped God as the only God.   They did not run or hide from the threats but marched into them as overcomers in Christ..  They put the worshipers at the front of the army acknowledging God as their protection and victory. 
God’s response was to send ambushes against those armies who outnumbered them. There was confusion in their camps and they ended up fighting each other until there were none left.  When the Israelites arrived it took them days to bring back all of the goods that were left.  It is so simple.  The battles are the Lords and He already won them at the Cross.  Now we LIVE IN THAT VICTORY as overcomers!  Jesus says ” Fear not, I AM with you!  

When we feel fear or worry,  we put on FAITH and TRUST,  When we see hate we pour out the LOVE of God.  When we come up on a controlling spirit, we pour out HUMILITY, and unconditional love and acceptance.  When we see terrible immorality and sins, we pour out the HOLY and Righteous  PRESENCE of God, and the Holy Spirit Himself will bring deep conviction to the hearts of sinners. When we come up on a spirit of death or violence, we pour out the LIFE of Jesus in victory over it.  When the false prophet is speaking lies from the media to intimidate and take over the minds of the people, we will boldly speak and stand up for God’s TRUTH.    Can these spiritual things deliver and change the world?  YES! YES! YES!  The Meek inherit the earth.  Against these weapons the enemy has nothing! Thank you Lord for filling us with your abilities by the Holy Spirit to be your instruments of change. We receive it now in Jesus Name!  You have prepared our hands for this spiritual war.  

The second thing that the Lord is doing now, is separating the sheep from the goats in preparation for His Return. The choice is becoming plainer.  Satan’s evil is blacker and the consequences of sin more apparent .  God’s holy righteousness and glorious Kingdom is also more apparent in the amazing testimonies and miracles of the saints in Jesus and in His sovereign acts.  A couple of years ago, God said to me that he was beginning to spit the lukewarm out of His mouth to make them hot.  

The plagues of revelation are upon us and it is time for people to choose who they will serve and worship. In the book of Revelation it says that the plagues are held back until the saints are sealed in God. The wicked are appointed to wrath, not the righteous.  We have a wonderful opportunity now to bring in a great harvest and be used by God to seal many people into the “hiding place” of Jesus!

For us, these are wonderful, glorious times to live in.  We are growing mightily in Him as He finishes the work that He has begun in us.  Let us look at everything through the eyes of the Holy Spirit and be led by Him.  That is our safety and great Joy!

Love and Blessings to you in this wonderful new year that God has carefully designed FOR us.  In YOU LORD, we live and move and have our being.  Alice McGee

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