Missionary Trip to Russia 2016

God is Moving

It’s done. Today, July 20th, is the day that religious freedom is taken away from the 146 million people in Russia. Putin’s new laws take effect today banning all religious activity, evangelism, speaking about anything religious in a church or out, no religious conversation between people in their own homes or elsewhere. House churches are banned. Children may not be raised in any faith. People are required to report any religious speech to the government or they also will be punished. The socialist slavery of communism has returned as it was in the days of Lenin and Stalin. At this time only the Moscow Orthodox church, which is aligned with the government, is exempt.

What do we do? Will there be a huge outcry from the United States, from the nations of the world? Will we look the other way? Or will we look up to heaven and use our spiritual weapons to wage war in the Spirit, in prayer, in support for the oppressed. The enemy is trying to quench the move of the Holy Spirit that is, at the same time, bringing revival all over Russia. There is war in the heavenlies. There is war in the hearts of the people as they must now choose who they will serve. There will be a great separation of the sheep and the goats.

The word of God says “nothing comes upon you that I have not provided a way out” What is the way out? As I was praying yesterday, I saw and felt and experienced a coming together of the people of God in a solid unity. They literally became one. It was not a bunch of people moving together. Jesus said “the Father and I are One” also ‘You and I are one by the same Spirit. The Holy Spirit is able to mold us together in Him into an alloy that cannot be separated by anything in this world. First we submit to the Lord becoming one with Him and then to others in Christ in a bond that cannot be broken. If the believers in Russia (and the other 56 nations that do not allow Christianity), will come together as one, the enemy will be defeated and his plans will fail.

The Father is gathering His Children together worldwide into one, the Bride of Christ. She will be strong and invincible.

At this crucial time, the Lord is directing me to take a team of 4 to Russia to pray at strategic places and just follow His lead. We are going to stand in Faith with our brothers and sisters there and also in 6 other nations in trouble. We will be gone 5 weeks returning Sept 2nd. Thousands of churches are in prayer and fasting.

Please pray for them and for us, and for the teams here that will keep the ministry going while we are gone. Also if anyone can help us financially it would be greatly appreciated. This is an extensive trip and the costs are high. Praise Jesus, He always provides!

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