How to Minister and Help the Poor


Love,  hope,  faith,  respect,  honor,  support,  encouragement,  counseling , teaching,  friendship, unconditional acceptance as a valuable person.  These are healing to their brokenness. 


  • Don’t try to FIX them,  don’t  focus on their sins, don’t correct them or tell them what to do using   your good advice.   Sometimes we think that if they would just quit drinking or taking the drugs, if they would just get a job.  They would be alright.  But those things are just symptoms,  fixing symptoms  does not cure the underlying  problems.  We must work with their brokenness.
  • Don’t underestimate the problems they face or the tremendous pull of addictions on them.
  • Don’t be disappointed or discouraged when some turn back to their vices after you have done so much work for them.  God never gives up on us and will continue working with them.   Some will love you.  Some will curse you. Don’t take it personally.   As you work lovingly with them,  they  will heal enough to take the risk of liking someone and be able to put their guard down.  Love never fails.


  • Do be patient and steadfast.  Know that you are working not for them but for God.  Your rewards are in heaven and in the spiritual growth that you are receiving as you labor with the Lord.  It is wonderful  to know that God is pleased with your obedience, and that you have made a difference in someone’s life.
  • Do focus on their gifts and talents instead of their shortcomings.  See them as very valuable people created by God for a special purpose.  By faith,  see them accomplishing great things as they grow in Christlikeness. 
  • Pour God into them,  in prayer,  with  encouraging scriptures,  and by your example and the light of your life.   We teach holiness,  but  do not condemn the sinner,  for we also need forgiveness.
  • Do leave the responsibility of what happens to them, and how to fix them to the Lord.  We are working with the Lord and not He with us.  Don’t worry about anyone.  When you leave them in the streets, you are not abandoning them.  You are leaving them in the capable hands of the Lord and His angels.   God is happy that you came to work with Him.  He doesn’t  expect  you to do what only He can.
  • Do watch for opportunities to serve as Jesus brings you divine appointments.   He will go before you and with you.  He will use all the gifts and talents that he has put into you and increase you in your spiritual abilities in Him. 

“Feed My Sheep”

  • You are a peacemaker
  • You are world changers
  • You will fulfill the callings of the Christ in you.  Our callings are the same as those of Jesus.
  •  He came to seek and save that which is lost.
  •  He came to save sinners
  •  He came to destroy the works of the evil one
  •   He said to leave the 99 and go save the one lost sheep
  •  He says love your neighbor as yourself,  and honor others more highly that ourselves.
  •  He says, Go you therefore and make disciples of all nations (others with different lifestyles than ourselves).

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