Volunteer – How to Help

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Adopt a Homeless Person

Provide rides to work, church, appointments.
Provide shelter, food, hygiene products
Offer friendship and discipleship.

Hold Drives

Bibles & tracts
First aid items
Clothing and Coats
Tents and Tarps
Back Packs
Blankets and sleeping bags
Donate Meeting Space or Printing / Copying Services
Support “CITW” financially

Join and outreach, providing one or more:

Speakers / Teachers
Medical Services

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Spanish Translation
Bible Studies
Evangelism Teams (day or night)
Search & Rescue Teams in new areas
Volunteer Coordinators / Trainers
Computer Assistant
Church Liaison

Tips on Helping the Homeless

  • Recognize their value as a person no matter what they may look like. But also realize that many homeless do look like everyone else.
  • Be willing to stop, rather than pass them by.clip_homeless2
  • Greet them as you would a family member—no “us and them” mentality.
  • Keep Ziplock packs of personal items, socks, snack food and fast food coupons in your car. In the winter, add gloves. Keep an extra blanket or sleeping bag in the trunk.
  • It is usually better to hand them practical items, than giving cash. They will appreciate it so much! It’s terrible not to be able to afford basic items. Keep sizes small as they must travel light.
  • Spend a little time to listen and to encourage them. Let them know someone cares.clip_prayer
  • Don’t talk down to them or give any pity. They may already feel bad about themselves. Respect is one of their greatest needs. Circumstances have beaten them down. Your encouragement will restore their hope and help allay their fears. It’s scary to be on the street and not know where you will sleep.
  • Get your church or group to “adopt” a homeless person or two. Then take turns being a friend; a bridge to community resources and a ride to doctor appointments.
  • If your homeless friend is not near a meal program, you may want to bring some food, from time to time. Some will be very appreciative, others will be so broken, they may not be able to even treat you kindly. Even if this is the case, you will know that you did a kindness for someone.clip_hug
  • Pray for them and take them with you to church, or tell them where a bus will pick them up for services. (For instance, Cary Church of God picks up every Sunday morning in front of the Salvation Army Building on Person St, and at the S. Wilmington St Center.)
  • Volunteer at homeless ministries & programs, and support them financially.
  • Join a “search & rescue” team with Church in the Woods. Help map the woods, to find isolated homeless persons.
  • Give them your patience and don’t give up on them. Expect that for some, it will take time to heal enough to take a step off the street or out of the woods.
  • Be willing to stop and talk. Greet them as a family member. Pray for them. Take them to church.clip_prayer3
  • Recognize their value as a person. Respect is one of their greatest needs. Encourage them.
  • Don’t talk down to them or give them pity. They already feel bad enough about themselves.
  • You don’t have to give cash. Keep Ziploc bags of personal items such as: socks, snacks, toiletries, and fast food coupons or cards.
  • Keep an extra blanket or sleeping bag in the trunk of your car. Gloves, hats, scarves and warm items of clothing in the winter.

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