How to do “Love Evangelism”

  • Pray for your community and world. The Lord will birth in your heart a great love for the lost and broken. He will put a spiritual antenna in you that notices those in need around you.  He will remind you to stop and bring God’s help to them.
  • Let His love and concern shine through your life. Ask God for a servant heart.
  • Always be “on the clock” with the Holy Spirit.  Get into the spiritual habit of blessing everyone you see. Bless Churches that you pass with Truth and Love and Salvation for the lost.  Bless the streets that you are walking on and all of the houses, in faith believing for salvation and the needs in them to be met in Christ. We can evangelize a city without praying personally with everyone.
  • Come in humility honoring them higher than ourselves. We treat them with respect which is one of their greatest needs.  They may feel bad about themselves and beaten down.  It is very healing to know that someone cares enough to encourage them.
  • When you are out and meet someone greet them with a pleasant countenance as you would a family member—no “us and them”.
  • As an opener, I say something like-I (we) are out blessing this neighborhood.  Do you live around here?  What needs does this area have that we could pray for? Would you pray with us about it?  Then How can we bless you today? Do you have a prayer need?  This leads to a conversation where we can apply Jesus and his word to the need and to salvation if he has not yet come to the Lord.  Many who are saved will be discipled into more truth.
  • Be respectful of their cultures.
  • Be compassionate (vs sympathetic or giving pity).
  • Make them feel important by giving them all your attention. 
  • Don’t be shocked
  • Speak in a well-modulated voice. Speak softly but distinctly in a calm and reassuring manner. Don’t talk too much. LISTENING is the important thing. If the person is speaking and getting off track from what God is doing, gently bring them back to the thing God is dealing with.
  • Lay down your habits and conceptions of how evangelism should be done and let God be individual with them.
  • When sharing the Gospel, begin with where the person is at, spiritually.  God will show you any pain, obstacles or other barriers that are hindering their accepting Jesus as Savior. When you pray them through those, they will frequently accept God quickly and in a much deeper way.
  • Do not engage in controversy or make arguments. Always “pour” never push.
  • Keep your heart in an attitude’ of prayer, so the Holy Spirit may speak through you.
  • Stay close to the LORD so your prayers may be inspired of Him.
  • Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit while they are talking or you are praying.
  • The LORD will bring to your remembrance scriptures, Godly principles and wisdom to share, the word in season. Make an appointment for deeper counsel or deliverance when it is needed.
  • Be patient and gentle with unconditional love and acceptance. No criticism.
  • Do not force ministry. Take it as far as the LORD wants, and know there will be other opportunities for God to bless them more.
  • Don’t try to “fix” them. The Holy Spirit will do the work. Be an encourager. Do not correct or direct.
  • If God gives you something about the person, just pray it for them. Don’t say “I have a prophetic word for you.” Respect people of all denominations.
  • Offer to connect them with a church or outreach group who will disciple them further.
  • Offer any resources that you may have with you, such as food, water, clothes, etc.
  • Continue to pray for them throughout the week. Give them your patience and don’t give up on them.  Expect that it  may take time to heal enough to come fully into the New Life that God has for them.
  • Some will be very appreciative, others will be so broken, they may not even be able to treat you kindly.  Even is this is the case, you will have the joy of knowing that you did a kindness for someone and brought them a step closer to God..                      

The Harvest is ripe and ready to be Gathered in His barns!  What a privilege it is to go out with the Lord, and reap in the abundance, and see whole cities turning to Christ!

Alice McGee

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