Guidelines for Prayer Walking


Before you go out to pray, spend a little time with the Lord.  Come into His presence with praise.  Repent and ask forgiveness for anything on your conscience.  As a priest under Jesus, we need to go out with clean hands and a pure heart.


The purpose of prayer walking as opposed to just praying in an indoor meeting is that we are actually taking territory into the Kingdom of God, by faith, in the act of putting our feet down upon it. It is holy ground; the presence of God is ushered in to the area by the saints of God, who carry it. It is the same as when we lay our hands on a person for
healing or blessing-the physical contact is an act of faith.

This act of faith plants a spiritual banner or flag, signifying that this is God’s land and everything on it. He is Lord.

We have been given authority in Jesus to possess the land. (Genesis 1:26, Luke 19) It is time to go forth into the streets, parks, malls and every arena of society and know that God is in charge there. The Holy Spirit covers the earth as the waters cover the sea. (Isaiah 11:9, Acts 2: 17) No sinful place, no perverse establishments, no Satanic church is able to keep out the Holy Spirit. Wherever we go, He is there ahead of us.

We lift up Jesus over a neighborhood where we walk, because he says, “if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.”

We have the expectation that our prayers will change and are changing our city and people’s lives! Our attitude is one of faith, authority (it all belongs to God), victory, thanksgiving and submission to (and establishment of) God’s will for the area we are walking.


The Holy Spirit makes intercession before the Father. Our prayers must join in to His
intercession. We do not pray first and then ask the Holy Spirit to bless our prayers. We look to God to see His will for an individual or area and join our voices and hearts to the way He is praying already.

When we do this, we will see a variety of responses from people in the area. Some will be
convicted of sin. Others will suddenly see their need for God. Some will start pouring out
hurts and wounds. Many will want to be saved! Bringing Christ into the streets is Presence Evangelism, and Power Evangelism together.   

The forces of the Enemy will feel the effects of our presence and our prayers, whether or not we are told by the Holy Spirit to address these forces directly. The greater (those in Christ) have power over the lesser. We have no fear, but know that darkness is being pushed back as we bring in the light.

The best way to deal with the Enemy is simply to praise Jesus and lift him up, because the
enemy forces cannot legally remain in an area where those in Christ have taken charge.
Do not get bogged down in fighting with the Enemy. The battle is the LORD’s and He has
already won it. Now, we just need to go in and possess the land.

The blessing which God has for the area, and for individuals, is what we want to bring:

Jesus and the powerful effect of the work of the Cross.


As you walk, read scriptures proclaiming Jesus as Lord over the area, including promises
that are on your heart. Do not claim things that you do not have the faith to say. It is
better to pray in faith no matter how seemingly “insignificant” your faith and what you say may seem to be. If you are faithful to do this, more will be given and your prayer walks will become more and more effective.

We are a nation of Kings and Priests under our High Priest, Jesus.  As such, we are called to bless the land in His name.  In the Bible there are many actions that inspired faith in the groups who were praying.  Recently, one intercessor was led to break a clay pot to signify a breakthrough from the Lord.  Another time in a drought area, someone carried a basket of fruits and vegetables to inspire us to believe God for rain and fruitfulness. Be willing to hear God, should He desire a prophetic act, in order to inspire our faith for what we are to pray.


We want to also bring specific blessings to the establishments and homes of the
prayer-walked area. This begins to bring a more personalized application of the blessing
of God as we focus in on the inhabitants and groups of the area.

We can bless each building we come across, but often God will lead us to pause in front of a certain one, leading us to pray for a specific need there. Take your time, there is no
need to move on until the Holy Spirit releases you.

If you are new at this form of intercession and you do not feel specific leadings of the
Spirit, just enjoy walking and praying and spending time with the Lord. In time, this will train you in intercession and you will become more and more aware of the Spirit’s leading.

You may also sing as you go. This is an excellent way to lift up Jesus and has great effect on an area. It is really fun to go stand outside a bar, especially in the summer when they have their doors open, and sing praises. People become so convicted that they can’t drink any longer and leave!

Many times, the Holy Spirit will lead us to speak peace over homes. It is always good to pray that a particular household will serve the Lord; that God will protect the house’s inhabitants, bring conviction of sin, and any other blessings the Lord would have you to speak.

It sometimes happens that someone will ask you what you are doing. They are appeased, I find, and even made glad when I tell them I am out today praying for the businesses/homes of the area and asking a blessing upon them.. I then ask them if they have anything that they would like prayer for.


Thank God that He will bring into your path those who you are supposed to pray for and bless. Then expect God to lead your prayers on how to bless each one, individually.  This may be done via personal interaction or covertly, as led by the Lord.

Here are some guidelines, which may help you to determine your interactions with those you come across:


When in a typical street environment, it usually seems good to me to not interrupt those in direct conversation with others, or on the phone. Those walking quickly, obviously intent on getting somewhere soon, are also not usually good candidates to engage. If the person we talk to views us as an interruption or inconvenience, they will be less likely to be open to what we are offering.


I did find it OK to approach a group however, when they were just “shooting the
breeze” to pass the time, not engaging in direct, focused conversation. Anyone I see who is just waiting alone for the bus, or a homeless person or college student just hanging out, et cetera, I make sure to approach.


I find wearing a “Free Prayer” or “Got a Need? Let’s Pray”, or similar tee-shirt helps me introduce why I, a stranger, am speaking to them. I can point to it, focusing their attention on the text as I say, “I am (we are) out praying today, for the businesses and the people in the area, and I was wondering how I could pray for you?” I’ve found that people have a positive reaction to this. Even if they say, “I’m fine.” I just say “God bless you!”, and I’ve still managed to bless them.

When they state a need or needs, rather than closing my eyes, I’ll look them in the eye, usually, to show them the compassion and love of Jesus-that he notices and loves them– and I’ll start with something like, “Thank you Jesus for loving this person and meeting their needs.  Thank you for giving them a blessed week, full of happiness and peace.”  Then lift up their specific requests to the Lord.  The Holy Spirit may bring to your remembrance a certain verse that applies to their need and you can speak it as an encouragement to faith.

With your eyes open, you can watch for signs that they are receiving from the Lord what you are praying, or notice that they are through paying attention, and you can stop praying.

Do not feel that you have to find a way to work the entire Gospel into the prayer. We never need to be pushy with the Truth. God may only want you to give them one piece of the “puzzle.” They may only be ready to receive that one piece at this time. Trust God that He will take care of the rest of the picture in the life of the person, to lead them to saving knowledge, even if it’s not through you.

We want to only offer the person the aspect{s) of Jesus they are willing to receive. He is the answer to every situation, but we do NOT want to be guilty of making them reject Jesus!-by trying to make them accept more than they are ready for.

By sharing the Truths which apply to their circumstances, we make the reality of God’s Kingdom practical to their lives, and make it practical right now. It is not merely “theory”, to them, at that point! Seeing how Jesus, and what Jesus provides for them, applies directly to their current circumstance, is illuminating to people who may have previously been totally unaware of their need for Jesus! And they can see that they can come to him for other needs too, as they arise, thus beginning to establish a relationship with him.

Don’t feel timid to lay a hand on the person. I’ve rarely had such a gesture rejected.  I suggest touching them on the arm or shoulder, as you begin to pray (usually not before). It helps put the person in an attitude of prayer as well as helping you convey compassion. Not to mention helping you pour in more power and love from Jesus!

How long to pray? Take your time. I believe God wants Prayer Evangelists to show the person we are praying for that we have all the time in the world, just for them. This is love. Listen to them as they pour out their problems and situations as long as they keep talking.

 Afterwards, offer them freedom in Jesus through prayer. Then ask them if there is anything else. Give the person every opportunity to get help from God. Stay as long as they want you to and God leads you to. However, don’t stay longer than they indicate an openness for.

You will receive so much joy in the Lord sharing Christ in the streets or wherever you are. You will grow in your knowledge and spiritual experience.  You will become more and more like Jesus as you pour out from His Spirit.  You will make a life changing difference in the lives of others.  You will make the heart of God glad!  Your city will be changed.

Alice McGee

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