Our God is a Consuming Fire

Our God is a Consuming Fire

Raleigh has just experienced the biggest most intense fire since the 1920’s and maybe forever, as this statement was made before Thursday night’s fire became a 5 alarm blaze.  This fire sent flames several stories high and widened to damage 10 buildings, 5 seriously and one completely gone. Flaming debris was carried as far as Clayton.  The dense smoke cloud was picked up on Doppler Radar and traveled to the coast.  Hundreds of people were evacuated from their apartments and businesses. Streets were closed and ash, glass, and debris was over a many block section of Downtown Raleigh.

What is going on? What does this mean?

Our God is a consuming Fire!  He says that His word and truth is confirmed through accompanying signs. (Mark 16:20)  Fire burns up the chaff that covers and restricts the  wheat so that it is set free to reproduce and feed the hungry.  Fire burns up the flesh and purifies us into holiness and righteousness in thought, motivations, and deeds.

Many of us have been seeing visions of the spiritual fire of God and the light of Christ becoming a larger and larger fire in Raleigh, Wake County and even the State of NC and the Nation.  I get email accounts of Holy Spirit fires springing up all over the US and also the World.  We are hearing of and seeing an end time revival greater than anything that this planet has seen. Hunger and Thirst for God and His truth are the evidences and the fruit of this Fire  People are coming to Jesus and receiving His Salvation in record numbers on every continent!

This Fire is a prophetic sign of a very huge outpouring of the Holy Spirit here in Raleigh, and as capital, the whole state of North Carolina!  On the day of Pentecost tongues of fire came upon the believers who were seeking God and waiting upon Him.  The result was a strong personal touch from the Lord, power and a very bold witness that went out to the whole world.   They received gifts of the Holy Spirit to use to go and help others in their own community,Jerusalem, their neighbors, Samaria, and all over the world.  This Fire is still being poured out upon us and Jesus reminds us that it is increasing for the challenges of the last days.

Don’t be outside of the burning bush like Moses talking with God  We are in Christ, in His new Covenant, one with Him by the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is calling you “Come into the fire in Me.  In Me you can do all things.  In Me you live and move and have your very being. Come into the fire burning in Me”.

Burning in Jesus,  Alice McGee

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