It’s Giving Tuesday! 11/29


Nov. 29th is GIVING TUESDAY.  And if you’re reading this post well after Nov. 29th, that’s ok!  Everyday is a great day to give to the Lord!   I very rarely ask for funding, but in honor or this auspicious occasion, and the fact that most of us will be spending a a bunch in December on a lot of fun and delicious stuff, I am asking us all to ask God what He would have us give to help and bless others.  There are a lot of great groups that would love your help.  We also can provide more help to the poor with more funds.  It is hard to turn away someone or a family who is out in the cold when the shelters are full.  Some have medical conditions so are not eligible to stay at a shelter. Our vehicles need gas and repairs to continue delivering help.  People living in their cars need gas to get to job interviews and meal sites.  Supplies are low.  We have a Kerosene and Propane Account to keep people warm and alive. ( We have lost a lot of our folks this year).

Donations made by the end of the year are tax deductible.   A receipt will be sent out in January.

Ways that you can help:

Send Funds or Gas cards, McDonald Cards,  Bus Passes, or hats, gloves, scarves, socks, or hand warmers to:  4701 Forestdale rd.  Raleigh, NC 27603.  Items may also be dropped off at this address.  It is our Ministry House.

You can click here to donate

Thanks so much!  Have a very blessed Christmas!!!
Love from Church in the Woods
Alice McGee 919-772-7050

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