“For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given”. Please join us in this season of giving –

We are gearing up for a cold winter and we have a lot of people who are still outside.  Many are sick, disabled or elderly.  Many are living in their cars. Others are in abandoned buildings with no heat.  Others are in a makeshift shelter of tarps and plastic. The rest are just wrapped in a blanket wherever they can find a place to lay down. By the end of this winter, many. after much suffering, will be in the hospital or have died.  How can this be?  We live in a prosperous country.  A country filled with churches, with Christians who have been taught since childhood to give to and serve the poor.  Filled with Christians who will spend a lot of money on expensive luxury gifts for  each other.  All the while there are huge numbers of people in great need. What do they need?  They greatest need is for love, compassion, caring hugs from those who will befriend them and take some time with them.  Someone to pray with them and give them the encouragement of the Word of God.  Next they need basic human needs met so they can feel like a real human being again.  A roof over their head, a place to shower and use the rest room, a warm meal, a warm coat, a sleeping bag or blanket, a place to keep things where they will stay dry and not be stolen. There are also people who are not completely homeless, but are living on the edge.  There are some who are facing eviction into the street with their children.  Every community has disabled people who may need help from time to time.  We have agencies who are helping a percentage of these people, but it is up to us, the body of Christ, to do the rest. When we get to heaven God will not be excited about how many vacations we took or how beautiful our house is.  He will be excited to thank us for every time we blessed Him by helping the least of the brethren, for every time we showed His love for them, for every time that a person knew that the Love of God was real and came to Him in salvation.  
Other things that help: Donations for our emergency shelter fund, used for hotel rooms in bad weather; Donations for our kerosene account for heaters small propane tanks and little stoves lanterns and flashlights blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothes, socks and underwear. Gift cards for gas, groceries, fast food meals, tents and camping equipment.
For the ministry: Monthly donors for operating expenses, we are all volunteers, so have no salaries, but need money for the insurance,  gas and repairs of our 5 vehicles to bring goods and services to those in need. Our ministry house needs repairs. We are also praying for the ability to open homes for some of the many women and children who are homeless. Also for recovery homes with a strong Christian discipleship. We are praying for many churches to come together to open and support homes in their areas.  I would love to give our experience and help with this.
Please consider becoming a regular giver in 2020 and ask your church or group to give monthly to the important, life saving work of Church in the Woods.

Love and Blessings for you and your family during this special Holy Season.
Alice McGee: Ph# 919-772-7050, 4701 Forestdale Rd., Raleigh, NC. 27603

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