Christmas Greetings!

Glory to God in the Highest,

and on Earth, Peace, Good Will Toward Men

Wow! Wow! As 2017 draws to a close, it is AMAZING to think of all HE has done!  Lives have been grown, established, and saved–changed forever!  This includes ours.  Walking with Jesus, living in Him has changed us so much that we have to get acquainted with our new selves.

God spoke recently that He is flipping Raleigh, and that is what has been happening.  Crime and poverty neighborhoods are in revival.  Slums are being renovated.  Low cost housing is being built. But, most importantly, Jesus is Lord at all levels of society and business, and over everything.

Church in the Woods has continued to grow both here and as an inspiration to places around the world. As always, we are in the streets and hospitals and go to wherever there are problems and crime.

Our Mission Trips were filled with the Glory of the Lord.  He is moving all over the world!  People are hungry and growing and finding their passion in Him.

In Germany, the Lord had us pray in Berlin for healing, forgiveness, and deliverance from the war while standing on the ground of places where horrible things had occurred, but now declared Holy Ground in Christ.  In Wittenburg and Augsburg at the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, we celebrated the gospel and truth and salvations that went all over the world, and rejoiced that the New Reformation now beginning would be even greater in changing the world.  In Stuttgart, we ministered at a church as the Lord brought them into this New Reformation.

In NYC we prayed in the streets, and as we live and move and have our being in Christ, we were in His Presence and Power.  We came into an Irish restaurant and the proprietor felt the presence of Jesus and was drawn to it.  He talked to us and then kept coming back to our table and then pulled up a chair and received salvation. Everywhere we go, the hungry are being drawn to Christians.

In Romania, we were blessed to be at Roma (Gypsy) churches.  They were radically changed as the Truth of God set them free.  There was a lot of rejoicing!  He changed the Foundation under Romania to one of Light, Love, and Faith.  At the Black Sea, the Lord was shaking up the nations around it.

In Israel, we watched and prayed and praised as Messianic pastors and believers acted as priests for the nation–receiving Jesus as Messiah and Lord.  Arabs and Jews were loving and working together in oneness as brothers.  People from the uttermost parts of the earth came to the Messianic Jews in Jerusalem to report that the command of Jesus has been fulfilled-the gospel has gone to all the world and there are Christians everywhere! They came bearing gifts from their native lands and laid them at the feet of the Messianic Jews who represented Christ to them.  It was just like Jesus first coming when wise men from afar came bearing gifts to welcome him as Messiah and King. What exciting times we are living in!  We know that these things will spread to all of Israel and to all the Jews worldwide.

This gathering, “Welcome The King of Glory” was at the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot).  It was at the end of a Jubilee (50th) year and the beginning of a new season, a new wineskin.  We felt a great shift occur as prophesies were fulfilled.

Now that I am back in the United States, the news is filled with evidences that the tide is turning back to God.  Christians are becoming stronger and bolder in being openly Christ-like, in letting their light shine. They are faith walking their neighborhoods and dedicating them to Jesus.  Nativity scenes are popping up in places where they had been missing for years.  More and more churches are coming out of the walls and ministering to the lost wherever they are.  Servant hearts and hands are being formed.  Politics and governments are being shaken and morals and integrity are being called to account.

Let us continue in our focus on Jesus, letting ourselves be led by the Holy Spirit, and allowing the Lord to continue to transform us into the full stature of Him.
God is raising up His Army, with the weapons of the Holy Spirit, in Love. Do not be dismayed by the shaking that brings change.   OUR GOD REIGNS!!

Love and Blessings,
Alice McGee
4701 Forestdale Rd
Raleigh, NC 27603

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