Amazing God!

Amazing God!

I will be taking a group at the end of September to New York City for a New Reformation Outpouring.  We really enjoyed celebrating the 500th anniversary of the reformation in Germany in May. It changed the world.  Now we are looking forward to what the Lord will bring to the world in a New Outpouring.  Gospel Forum is sponsoring this NY gathering.  Heidi Baker ,Canon White, David Hogan and many others will be there.

From there the Lord is taking us to Romania from Oct 1st until the 7th, ministering and praying there, especially at the Black Sea.  There is a lot happening there.

Then we fly to Israel ministering in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  We will also attend an  historic UN conference from Oct. 8 to 13. For the Jews, this is the year 5777, a jubilee year and the year of the Messiah.  In response to prophesy, a large number of messianic pastors are coming together during the holy days of October to host a gathering to Welcome the King of Glory-Yeshua as King and  Lord and messiah of Israel. It will be during Sukkot.  This is a time of change, a new wine skin. It is with great courage that these leaders are taking this great step of faith!  even as we transition to to the year 5778, the year of the Harvest.  When these Israelis confess Yeshua as Lord in one accord, and dedicate themselves to Him and also their land, they will be fulfilling the command of scripture.  God is so blessed.  We will be there along with many others as witnesses to this dedication, adding our faith to theirs in this historic moment.

I see this as an event akin to the important role that the Palm Sunday Celebration played before the Crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  The people had to accept him as messiah and King before He went to the Cross and was crucified, died and resurrected for them.  The messianic Jews all over Israel are now leaven with power and ability to leaven the whole dough of Israel.  They will be missionaries to bring Christ to Jews and others all over the world.

Please pray for us and these events.  Orthodox Jews have come against this gathering and it has had to be moved to another location in Jerusalem.  Pray for them that they also may have the joy, peace and salvation of the Lord.

Alice McGee

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