What is CITW?

It’s “leaving the 99 sheep which are in the fold, and searching for the one still out in the cold.” (Luke 15)
It’s “stopping for the wounded man, passed by, by others, on the roadside.” (Luke 10)

It’s “going out to the streets and hedges and finding and inviting to the ‘feast,’ the poor, the crippled; all the ‘outcasts,’ both good and bad.” (Luke 14, Matt 22)

It’s following Jesus’ example of travelling from place to place, bringing help to the people, where they live, typically meeting with them out-of-doors.

It desires to “seek and save that which is lost.” (Luke 19) “Church in the Woods” considers it’s congregation all the “lost sheep” of the Raleigh, NC area, specifically our homeless population. For these so often feel like too much like outsiders; they so often think of themselves as too dirty, too addicted, too messed up, to feel comfortable in a “nice church.”

Jesus does not want them left out! He wants their needs, both physical and spiritual, met. We must bring “church” to them if they feel unable or uncomfortable with entering a church building.

“Church in the Woods,” in “circuit riding” style, brings prayer, food, needed items, friendship and guidance to homeless in and around Raleigh.

We want to be a bridge for them, helping them take that first step toward reintegration with society. As well as taking the step into Salvation in Jesus.

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