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“Church in the Woods” is an outreach ministry of InterSeed. InterSeed is a non-profit, non- denominational Christian prayer organization which prays with informed strategic intercession, for the needs of the city, state & country. InterSeed operates a community prayer center, and sponsors “Capitol Area Prayer Team.”

“Church in the Woods” was born out of prayer teams going out to the streets, to pray for people “on location,” rather than only in the prayer center. Many homeless were found and prayed for. Soon, teams were going into the woods to map homeless locations and pray for the people.

The Bible says to leave the ninety-nine and go find the one. Most homeless agencies are not equipped to go searching for clients. We are that tool.

Teams bring food, toiletries, sleeping bags, socks & gloves, and love to the people they find.

More volunteers are needed to go into unmapped areas for “search & rescue missions.”

When homeless sites are identified, volunteers are needed to adopt a person or an area. The homeless need a friend and a bridge to community resources.

Like a circuit-riding pastor, Alice McGee, director of “Church in the Woods,” visits these homeless people, giving help, counsel and prayer.

“Church in the Woods” also host special events for the poor and homeless: A “come as you are” Easter service at Moore Square, a Christmas Eve service & party, and church picnics. All have brought many people to faith in Christ.

We believe that no one is beyond the reach of God, no matter how addicted or broken. Homelessness can be ended, one life at a time.

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“For the Son of Man came to
 seek and save what was lost.”
Luke 19:10

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